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GLOMACO's Business & Management Consulting provides services to businesses and individuals seeking advice on how to capitalize, manage, operate, plan, and structure or restructure business operations. GLOMACO also partners with international businesses in the fuels, fine arts, and precious metals industries as a broker, and venture capital groups and other industries as a consultant to form strategic partnerships and generate new business. 

With our relationships with international businesses, groups, and individuals, GLOMACO brokers and manages the sale of fine arts, antiques, and luxury items with various fine arts dealers, exotic car dealers, private collectors, and individual sellers. GLOMACO has international partnerships with precious metals sources, cargo airliners, and refineries for the sale and transportation of gold and other precious metals. GLOMACO brokers the sale of jet fuel, (Jet A and Jet A-1), diesel fuel (D2, D6, and other grades) plus other types of fuel to international fuel wholesalers, small to mid size airliners, and other companies seeking to purchase fuel for resale. GLOMACO also works with international companies that specialize in the sale and distribution of consumable goods as a broker between them and retail supermarket chains, high-end hotels, and restaurants.

GLOMACO also renders consulting services by matching project owners involved in the film, construction, luxury residential and commercial real estate, and tech industries with venture capital groups. GLOMACO manages and forms strategic partnerships between various providers in the clean energy and environmental sectors with land developers and construction companies to develop eco-friendly solutions in an effort to reduce long-term energy costs, carbon footprints, and promote energy conservation.

If you are an individual or a business in an industry not listed above and would like to form a brokering or a consulting relationship, contact us.