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Brokering & Sales Management

GLOMACO maintains relationships with international businesses, groups, and individuals to broker and manage the sale of:


  • Fine arts, antiques, and luxury items from various fine arts dealers, exotic car dealers, private collectors, and individual sellers

  • Gold and other precious metals and minerals

  • Jet fuel (Jet A and Jet A-1). diesel fuel (D2, D6, and other grades) plus other types of fuel to international wholesalers, small to mid-size airliners, and other companies seeking to purchase fuel for resale

  • Products from international companies that specialize in the sale and distribution of consumable goods and medical supplies

Consulting & Strategic Partnerships

GLOMACO acts as a consultant to match venture capital groups with project owners from the following industries:

  • Film

  • Construction

  • Luxury residential and commercial real estate

  • Tech

GLOMACO also manages and forms strategic partnerships between various providers in the clean energy and environmental sector with land developers and construction companies to develop sustainable solutions to reduce long-term energy costs, carbon footprints, and promote energy conservation.

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