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Foreign Nationals

GLOMACO can assist the following types of foreign nationals who seek to relocate to the United States either temporarily or permanently to establish business operations, seek employment, compete, or perform:

  • Investors

  • Business owners

  • Professionals

  • Executives

  • Artists

  • Entertainers

  • Athletes

U.S. Citizens

GLOMACO can also assist individuals that are U.S. citizens who've:

  • Lived abroad for an extended period of time

  • Created families abroad

  • Ready to return to the United States with their foreign national family members


GLOMACO consults with clients to understand the nature of their individual and/or business plans to implement the best solutions to achieve their goals of relocating to the United States.

You may be eligible to relocate to the United States if you are a trader or investor from the following countries:

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